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Comedy Magic & Mindreading

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Comedy Magic Showw

Amazing magic combined with an irreverent sense of humor and audience interaction. Your guests won't be talking about the food
after your event, they'll be talking about how much fun they had!
Show length can vary from 10 minutes to 45 minutes, just tell us what you need. The comedy comes from the interactions Barry has with his audience and on-stage helpers. Everyone is treated with respect and all the humor is clean. Oh, and there's one more thing you'll get....your guests coming up to you, the event planner, and thanking you for the exceptional entertainment they experienced.

"Wonders Never Cease"

Ever wonder what it would be like if those novelty items advertised in the back of comic books really worked? Barry shows actual over-the-top ads for things like sea monkeys, x-ray glasses, hypno disks and more. Then he performs amazing magic and mindreading using those very items!This is a one hour version of Barry's acclaimed one-man theater show. The show is perfect for all audiences, but it's especially appropriate for the babyboomer
generation that grew up with these novelties.

"Mind Stunts"

Jaw-dropping demonstrations of ESP. Barry reveals thoughts that exist only in the audience's minds. Show length can be 10 minutes to 45 minutes.Unseen drawings by spectators are duplicated. Audience volunteers are asked to think of personal names, or dates which Barry reveals in startling detail. The performance is punctuated by funny moments as Barry plays off the reactions of the audience and on-stage helpers. The popularity of T.V. shows such as "The Mentalist", and" Fringe" make this show perfect for today's sophisticated audiences that have "seen it all".